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Eibengasse School
Wien 22, Eibengasse 56-58
Open competition 1992, 1st place
Secondary school for 12 classes with two gyms and multipurpose day areas
Completed 08/1995
Client: City of Vienna
South Vienna District Heating Plant
Wien 23, Heizwerkstraße/Rosiwalgasse 94
Invited competition 1993, 1st place
Main heating plant of the Fernwärme Wien district heating company with two boilers, chimney stacks, service stations, and gas pressure regulation station
Completed 09/1996
Client: Fernwärme Wien
Dieselgasse Residential Development
Wien 10, Dieselgasse 1-3/Ettenreichgasse
Invited competition 1994, 1st place
350 apartments, a three-group daycare, business spaces, and underground parking garage
Completed 11/1997
Client: Heimbau-Eisenhof
Erzherzog-Karl-Stadt Residential Development
Wien 22, Eibengasse 56 und 57
1st construction phase, Siedlungsunion Section
100 apartments, 48 atrium buildings/houses, daycare with four groups, adult education center, shop spaces, and underground parking garage
Completed 10/1997
Client: Siedlungs-Union

Prandaugasse School
Wien 22, Prandaugasse 5
Open competition 1996, 1st prize
13 classroom elementary school with administration, gymnasium, gymnastics hall, children's day care center with kindergarten
Completion with extension 07/1999
Client: City of Vienna

New Building in the Sophienspital Medical Center
Wien 7, Neubaugürtel/Stollgasse
Open competition 1997, 1st place, master plan
Two wards, a physical institute, day clinic
Completed 04/1999
Client: Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund

Donaufeld Residential Developement
Wien 21, Donaufelderstraße 52
70 apartments, daycare with four groups
Completed 12/1999
Client: Heimbau-Eisenhof
Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Wien Commercial Tower and Branch Office
Wien 2, Friedrich-Wilhelm-Raiffeisen-Platz 1
Master plan
Recreation of the entrance area
Design collaboration: Sieglinde Lurger
Recreation branch office
Completed 06/1998
By now partially dismantled and modified
Client: Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Wien

SEW-Eurodrive Assembly Plant
Wien 23, Richard-Strauss-Straße 24
Assembly plant  for the drive technology company SEW
4.000 m² assembly hall, 1.200 m² administration
Completed 07/1999
Client: SEW-Eurodrive
Galaxy 21 Office Tower
Wien 2, Praterstraße 31
Invited competition 1998, 1st place
Redesign and top floor addition
17,500 m² of office space, shops, restaurant, and underground parking garage
Completed 08/2002
Bauherr: Commerz Grundbesitz Wiesbaden
"the eagle and the ant" Office Building
Wien 3, Guglgasse 7-9
Invited competition 02/1999, 1st place
22,000-m² office area, restaurant, and underground garage
Completed 03/2001
Bauherr: InvestConsult
Fuchsenfeld Residential Development
Wien 12, Fockygasse 52/Malfattigasse 45-47/Murlingengasse 12
71 apartments, daycare, facility for the disabled, underground parking garage
Completed 10/2003
Client: ARWAG Bauträger GmbH
Zwentendorf Secondary School
Niederösterreich, Zwentendorf, Goetheplatz 1
Renovation of a school building from the 1920s
Invited competition 2000, 1st place
Addition for eight classrooms, special education rooms, library, and gymnasium
Completed 08/2003
Client: Marktgemeinde Zwentendorf

Vorgartenstraße Elementary School and Daycare
Wien 2, Vorgartenstraße 208-210
Invited competition 2000, 1st place, master plan
Ten classes, special education rooms, gymnasium, multipurpose room
Completed 08/2003
Significantly changed by an addition
Client: City of Vienna
Gastein Alpine Thermal Spa
Salzburg, Bad Hofgastein, Senator-Wilhelm-Wilfling-Platz 1
EU-wide application process, competition 2002, 1st place
Redesign and expansion of a 36,000-m² thermal spa, relaxation, and entertainment baths with outdoor swimming pools, sauna world, restaurant, and therapy center
Completed 05/2004
Client: Thermen Errichtungsgesellschaft
Angertal Ski Center
Salzburg Angertal/Gastein
Invited competition 2002, 1st place, master plan
Gastronomy, sports equipment store, repair and rental shop, ski school, cashier tellers, back rooms
Completed 11/2004
Bauherr: Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG
Atrium Belgrade Offices
Serbien, Belgrad, Bul. M. Pupina, A4-2, Block 31
Invited competition 2002, 1st place
Office building, glas roof atrium
Completed 10/2005
Client: Durst d.o.o. - Real Estate Developement
SEW Headquarters Bruchsal, General Construction
Deutschland, Bruchsal, Ernst-Blickle-Straße 44
Invited competition 2003, 1st place
Training center, company restaurant, museum, entrance pavilion, and office building
Completed 07/2005
Client: SEW Immobilien GmbH
Viktoriagasse Residential Development
Wien 15, Viktoriagasse 10
20 apartments
Completed 07/2004
Client: Heimbau-Eisenhof

Thürnlhofstraße Residential Development
Wien 11, Thürnlhofstraße 12
Developer competition 2004, 1st place
126 apartments and 11 assisted living units, underground garage
Completed 11/2007
Client: Österreichisches Siedlungswerk

Hintere Zollamtsstraße 2b and 4 Office Building
Wien 3, Hintere Zollamtstraße 2b und 4
Invited competition 2005, 1st place
Façade and open space design
Completed 2012
Client: Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft
Schwarzenbergplatz 5 Office and Business Building
Wien 3, Schwarzenbergplatz 5
Invited competition 2006, 1st place
Façade design
Completed 08/2008
Client: SPA Industrie Commerz u. Handels AG

Plus Zwei Office Building, Krieau, Viertel Zwei
Wien 2, Trabrennstraße 8
Invited competition 2005, 1st place
16,000-m² office space, 1,800-m² food court, underground parking garage
Completed 01/2009
Client: U2 Stadtentwicklung GmbH
Elite von Mariahilf Residential Development
Wien 6, Gumpendorfer Straße / Gfrornergasse / Mollardgasse
Invited competition 2003, 1st place
New building and residential complex revitalization
Completed 2009
Client: ARWAG Bauträger GmbH
Biz Zwei Office Building, Krieau, Viertel Zwei
Wien 2, Vorgartenstraße 206 b-c
16,000 m² of office space for 1,200 employees, 300m² food court
Completed 12/2009
Client: U2 Stadtentwicklung GmbH
Simmering Educational Center
Wien 11, am ehemaligen Simmeringer Markt, Gottschalkgasse 10
EU-wide two-phase competition, 1st place
Library, music school, adult education center, underground parking
Completed 02/2011
Client: City of Vienna
Westbahnhof Postal Grounds
Wien 15, Gasgasse/Zwölfergasse
Invited competition 2004, 1st place
265 apartments, student dormitory with 206 rooms, underground garage
Completed 04/2011
Client: Heimbau Wien

Prinz-Eugen-Straße 8-10 Office Building
Wien 4, Prinz-Eugen-Straße 8-10
Completed 2011
Client: Immofinanz AG

AGES Office Building
Wien 20, Pasettistraße 74/Traisengasse 5
Two-phase competition, 2009, 1st place, master plan
Completed 02/2012
Client: Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft
In collaboration with Atelier 23

Retail-Kiosk, Krieau, Viertel Zwei
Wien 2, Trabrennstraße / Vorgartenstraße
200 m² retail space
Completed: 12/2009
Client: IC-Projektentwicklung GmbH

Stadtpark Kindergarten
Wien 3, Am Stadtpark 4
Invited competition 2010, 1st place
Children’s daycare with nine groups
Completed 01/2013
Client: City of Vienna
Leopoldsgasse 22 Loft Conversion
Wien 2, Leopoldgasse 22
Loft conversion with three 130-m² apartments with terraces
Completed: 12/2012
Client: Family Csar

Prater Garage and Tower
Wien 2, Ausstellungsstraße/Präuscherplatz
Two-phase invited competition 2011, 1st place
Four-story parking garage for 370 cars, three-story office building with 1,800 m² of floor space
Completed 11/2013
Client: Pratergaragenerrichtungs- und betriebs GmbH
Maria-Theresien-Straße 11 Office Building
Wien 9, Maria-Theresien-Straße 11
Invited competition 2012, 1st place
Conversion, addition, and renovation of the union office building
Completed 03/2016
Bauherr: VSV Immobilien GmbH
Zieglergasse 69 Residential Development
Wien 7, Zieglergasse 69
New city-center residential building, 26 apartments
Completed 05/2017
Client: BIP Immobilien / JP Immobilien
Grüne Mitte Linz Residential Development
Edeltraud-Hofer-Straße 6,8,10
Invited competition 2013, 1st place
Residential building with 94 apartments, underground garage
Completed: 06/2017
Client: WSG - Gemeinnützige Wohn- und Siedlergemeinschaft

Residential Tower Panorama3
Wien 3, Leopold-Böhm-Strasse 2
178 apartments, community facilities, underground garage
Master plan
Completed 10/2018
Client: wohngut
Hörbiger-Gründe Residential Development
Wien 11, Braunhubergasse 24A / Herbortgasse 35
Cooperative Process 2014
105 apartments, community facilities, underground parking
Completed 11/2018
Client: WPV-GPA Wohnbauvereinigung für Privatangestellte